In the nonhuman animal world there are no economic interests.
In the social human-animal world there is an overarching all pervasive intervention of economic interests, this in even the smallest aspects of life from the initial conception of a person right on up to broad International Relations.

Organon.Club (O.C) is an ‘Instrument Of Thought’ Club
O.C formed to delve into every aspect of these economic interventions in all human life and lives.- O.C is organized around the forgoing to discuss and debate all facets of this economic stuff, from the individual on up through all the faces of Human Society, and people’s interaction with one another in it.
There are three features to these discussions and arguments.
The Philosophic, the Moral and the Economic

There exists in this human world
Groups Codes Laws Factions Clans Squat-autocracies Gangs Tribes Parties Labor Unions Employer unions Conferences Teaching groups Choirs Churches Madras Schools Ethnic groups Demographic groups ‘LGBTQPZ community’ and a thousand other factions and clubs that do indeed exist in economic human society. (Now too there has been brought into existence – a world of chaos better known as Identity Politics – the divide and conquer ideology. This is an ideology that breaks up the family and cohesiveness of society. It is an ideology that attempts to reject the economic reality of the social human animal. This ‘smoke and mirror Fad’ could last a long time but economic reality will eventually kill it, and the need for economic cohesiveness comradeship kindness of all productive 5E people in this world will override it eventually.)

As well as all of the above genera there exists in human society – Estates (Domains).
From long historical past Estates (Domains) have been somewhat recognized.
Organon.Club requires that economic interests be highlighted by the use of such Estate terminology. Prior to the Great French Revolution two Estates were recognized – then at that time – conditions arose wherein the Third Estate was then realized to exist., and history too, have now added the fourth fifth sixth and seventh estates. This is in order to better recognize and discuss the economic interests at work in social human society.

The Ship of State and the Estates (for graphic see a12-000)
1st estate – Religious;
2nd estate – Feudal kings sheiks etc.,
3rd estate – Banksters oligarchs;
4th estate – The press;
5th estate – Productive forces & progeny;
6th estate – The military;
7th estate – The lumpens and lower dregs of non-productive ‘souls’.

The Bureaucrati are positively the regressive Fifth Column entrenched in the Fifth Estate.

The Struggle of Opposites
We have in this world the ‘More or Less’ self help experts like Jordan Peterson and Patrick Bet-David and so on. While self help is a great leap forward in personal lives and is highly recommended. These self help gurus ‘More or Less’ emphasize on how you can ‘win’ in the competition between yourself and your fellows in society, or even between yourself and yourself.

Organon.Club rounds out all that – and presents arguments on the other side of the coin – and that is – the necessity for society as a whole to come together in cohesive cooperative economic profitable processes – this is the lot of mankind as a socially productive economic animal.
These are the arguments and frameworks presented for discussion in Philosophy, Morality and Economics in our Organon.Club.